Recycling Wooden Crates

Hubby and I have used old wooden crates to harvest our fruit, but now they are old and in rough shape.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t bear to see them destined for the burn pit.

So I cleaned them up.

Hubby did some minor repairs.

I am spraying them with black paint and repurposing them.

This one is holding my collection of books on dyeing and painting fabric.

These crates could be used for any number of purposes…use to hold a wall display, or to corral those dog toys, or to hold your child’s stuffed animal collection, just to name a few.

8 responses to “Recycling Wooden Crates

  1. What a great post! Your ideas are fantastic Laura. Thanks for sharing.


  2. They look real nice!


  3. I love old crates! Mine are often used as shelves, and thinking that some might work as drawers.
    Judy B


  4. I buy old crates at thrift stores cause they have so much character and are useful for many things! I love how you painted yours…they look great!


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