Chisholm Trail Quilt Block

Chisholm Trail, found in the perpetual calendar, 365 Quilt Blocks a Year by Nancy Martin, is drafted from a 4 x 4 grid. 

Here it is presented in a simple straight set with borders…blocks set square side-by-side:

And in a straight set with sashing:

Chisholm Trail in an on point set with borders:

And set on point with sashing:

Throw in some plain blocks and rotate a few Chisholm Trail blocks:

Don’t stop there!  Use alternate blocks, value and color, and different borders to  completely change the look.

If you EQ, then go have fun!

4 responses to “Chisholm Trail Quilt Block

  1. Laura, I love it when you do these. Makes me want to set everything aside, get the EQ program and play with quilts all day. It is so cool to see all the different ways to use a block. Reminds me of the book – “Quilting Makes the Quilt.”


    • Thank you Cherie! That’s my goal…to make quilting fun…to look at a block and see potential; not just sew the blocks together side-by-side and call it good. And I’m not even showing alternate blocks and borders, or color changes. Indeed, Electric Quilt makes this so much more simpler and fun than graph paper and colored pencils, although those tools work too.


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