Sewing Studio Makeover – Part 5

Hubby built very sturdy shelving to hold my heavy collection of books, magazines and patterns.  I sure appreciate him!

 The shelving also holds baskets of UFOs, sewing notions and craft items.


And my M&M’s.

The built-in shelving displays my fabric stash.  It is not folded on foam core, or comic boards…I’ll never be that consistent with my stash.  But I do like it out in the open.   And I wonder how did some of those pieces get here?


 And the scraps?  I have a dresser full. 

I am considering Bonnie Hunter’s scrap user’s system, but I rather like running my fingers through them.

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20 responses to “Sewing Studio Makeover – Part 5

  1. It is beautiful. I love the green, so bold and bright. You and your hubby did good. Mary Ann Wolsky


  2. Lovely, I’m filled with envy! Been sidelined due to surgery and still have issues to take care of but looking forward to getting my craft space in order! You’re lucky to have a hubby who cares so much! Thanks for your sharing!


  3. Very Nice Laura! You are inspiring me to get organized. I especially like those big binders. Are they full of collections of things that inspire you?


    • Marjorie, I use the binders for class notes, both from classes that I have taught, and classes that I have taken. I also use the binders to store patterns and ideas that I have torn from magazines. So, yes, the binders are full of instruction and inspiration. I also keep a binder for reference…tips such as bed sizes and rotary cutting shortcuts, etc…


  4. Gotta have those M&Ms! ;p I have to get another jar for upstairs since mine are soon going in my scrapbook room and Hubby and the kids would greatly miss my jar. Potty training for Mister coming up and all. ;p
    Looks good Mom!
    Love ya!


  5. It looks great! I love the color scheme: green with the the checkered floor (I love checkered floors)!


  6. Ok, I can see some big baskets there … which one is the M&Ms?

    Just curious.

    Nice space to play in!

    Judy B


  7. Looking great. Will have to re-supply your M&M stash when I come up.


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  11. ..Told you I was going through your stash of posts (like the use of that term?). So you’ve been creating in this then new space for 7 years now…how’s it holding up? I wanted to say, lime green is way overlooked as a great balance between stimulating/creative and background type color for walls…those floors are fun and make the space seem larger.
    But my question is this – are you pleased with the protection aspect of your ‘exposed’ fabrics on the shelves? I love them in view and haven’t lived somewhere where that is even an option, but having everything ‘binned’ is a pain, takes time to go through and stifles the creative joy of color choosing in general.
    So, 7 years later, this reader is limey-green with envy.
    I hope it has provided 7 years of creative joyful productiveness, too!


    • You are so fun to follow around!

      The room is still green, and the fabric is still out in the open. Yup…that is the way that I like it. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ too easily represents me, so this works well for me. It is okay if it is messy…nobody but me to see it. I don’t even have a door for the room (I purposefully removed it), but the room is upstairs and no one goes there.

      There is no direct sunlight on the fabric. If that were the case, then I would be forced to cover it. And dust? A little shake will take care of it. LOL!

      The old brown dresser is gone, and has been replaced by Elfa wire drawers. These are being used to store scraps. I have utilized Bonnie Hunter’s scrap user’s system, and I am keeping up with the scrap organization.

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  12. Oh, whoa. That last half of a sentence is a real biggie…I am a scrapper, but never have I ever been able to state that! HA! I wondered about the light on the exposed fabric which you say isn’t an issue in the attic so I am relieved.
    And then the ‘dust’ – Meh!
    See you later and elsewhere.

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