Bird’s Nest Quilt Block

Bird’s Nest, found in the perpetual calendar, 365 Quilt Blocks a Year by Nancy Martin, is drafted from a 5 x 5 grid.  You can also find this block listed in BlockBase as #3237.

I came up with a file loaded with designs while playing with Bird’s Nest.  There’s alot one can do with this block.

Just to get started, a simple straight set with borders…blocks set square side-by-side:

Bird's Nest Straight Set

Straight set with borders and an alternate block.

Bird's Nest Straight Set 2

Bird’s Nest set on point, with borders:

Bird's Nest On Point Set

Set on point with an alternate block and borders.

Bird's Nest On Point Set 2

There is so much more one could do.  Value and color, as well as arrangement, sashing, and different borders all could dramatically change the design.

If you EQ, then go have fun!

5 responses to “Bird’s Nest Quilt Block

  1. The one on the bottom really moves! I love that.


  2. Fun!


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