Concrete and Quilters – Part 3

Here is a reminder of the concrete rhubarb birdbath I made (Tony thought it was for him):

The concrete has been sealed and is in the garden.  Hubby did the grunt work, and we tried to make it look natural.  Hence, the use of the old stump that was destined for the woodstove. 

We’ve had no rain, and I’ve let the garden go, so you’ll need to imagine the birdbath surrounded by flora…which it will be next spring.

It feels good to have another project finished!  But then again, I just might make another next year.  I’m definitely making more ‘stones’ for a walkway.

For Part 1, click here.
For Part 2, click here.

2 responses to “Concrete and Quilters – Part 3

  1. Love it!
    As I read this the rain started again … but heavy enough to splash out of a birdbath!


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