Aunt Dinah Quilt Block

Aunt Dinah, another block found in the perpetual calendar, 365 Quilt Blocks a Year by Nancy Martin, is drafted from a 6 x 6 grid.

Here is Aunt Dinah in a straight set:

Aunt Dinah Straight Set

And set on point:

Aunt Dinah On Point

Aunt Dinah, with another color added to the mix, and set on point with a plain block:

Aunt Dinah On Point

Dark, reproduction fabrics not your thing?  How about showing off Aunt Dinah in bright fabrics in a straight set?:

Aunt Dinah Straight Set Bright

Lots of fun and possibilities to play with this block!

2 responses to “Aunt Dinah Quilt Block

  1. Hi There, I have just completed my first quilt and the sense of achievement is marvellous. I look forward to following your posts for future ideas.

    Health & Happiness


    • Thank you for following! I hope you find lots of ideas, not only here, but Pinterest, or wherever your quilt journey takes you. And may your quilting bring you much joy! Health and happiness to you as well!


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