Free Motion Quilt Challenge – August

The August Free Motion Quilt Challenge at SewCalGal is a tutorial from the very talented Wendy Sheppard.   Wendy is a pattern designer, teaches free motion quilting, and has been published in several quilting magazines.  She generously shares projects, tips and techniques on her blog,  Ivory Spring.

Wendy shares her “Jester” free motion quilting design for this challenge.  I’ve been following her blog for some time, so I’ve had opportunity to practice this design already.  In fact, I used it in June’s challenge.

I decided to use this design in an art quilt that I am working on.  You can find that quilt here.

I’ll be practicing this design more, as I still must concentrate to change directions.  For some reason, I have a mental block changing directions.  I also want to try Wendy’s variation of her design.

This photo is the back.  You can see it better, I think.  I am using Wonderfil Invisfil 100 weight polyester thread in the bobbin and Mettler 60 weight cotton embroidery thread in the top.  My tension is set on 0.

14 responses to “Free Motion Quilt Challenge – August

  1. That’s the same problem I have. I just can’t get myself to change directions. I maybe quilting along just fine and the next thing I know I’m completely lost. I try to get moving again and it’s like I’m stuck in the mud!


  2. looks good!! I have a mental block period when it comes to FMQ got to get at mine….lol I can’t seem to plan ahead; I panic….


    • Marjorie, this is the first month that I didn’t procrastinate to the end. That is because I had a project to use this fmq design on. Otherwise, I admit, it takes an oncoming deadline to get me going. LOL!


  3. Your version of the jester hats is gorgeous! They look so different quilted densely. I need to keep working on this one. Back to the drawing board (literally!) for more practice!


  4. You did a great job! This really did require extra concentration! ~Jeanne


  5. Thanks for your sweet comments on my efforts, but you’re nuts – your jesters are WAY better than mine – they are so tiny and quilted so evenly, with nice even stitches throughout. Did you have to go back and fill in unquilted “islands,” or were you able to do that on the first pass? For me, the jester hats are like trying to pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time. If I think about where I’m going, by jester hats get all misshapen. If I concentrate on the shape of the jester hats, then I get confused about where I’m going!


    • We agree to disagree then. Even Ivory Spring agrees with me. LOL! I meant it when I said that I like your style! Mine may be small, but that’s because I don’t do big very well. Ha, ha! Nope, I don’t go back and fill in either. It is what it is. I don’t want to obsess about my quilting…I want it to be fun. Your analogy describes the process very well.


  6. Laura, you did a marvelous job!!! 🙂 Keep up the good work.


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