The Arrow Crown Quilt Block

The Arrow Crown block is one versatile block!  I’m just presenting the block here, but options are limitless.  This block could be done very scrappy or, depending upon value placement, emphasis could be placed upon the diagonals or other elements of the design.

The block is an 8 x 8 grid.

If you have Block Base, Arrow Crown is slightly different, and listed as number 1164.

Here is the block with a straight set:

Arrow Crown Straight Set

And set on point:

Arrow Crown On Point

It is a very busy block.  You could separate it in a more traditional manner with sashing.  You could use plain borders or, again, use value to your advantage.  You could also set it with an alternate block.

One more look:

Arrow Crown On Point Set

3 responses to “The Arrow Crown Quilt Block

  1. Laura, I love this! Did you make all three quilts? I suspect it has something to do with EQ7. Where do I find out more about that program?


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