Free Motion Quilt Challenge – July

The July Free Motion Quilt Challenge at SewCalGal is a tutorial from the very talented Angela Walters.   Angela is a professional quilter and successful long arm quilter, as well as teacher and author.  She loves modern quilts and quilting.  Check out her website, Quilting Is My Therapy, for her wonderful books, blogs and tips!

Angela taught how to section off the work and then fill in the sections.  She calls this quilting design Tiles.

Now, I can stipple, pebble and meander, but straight line quilting, without a guide, and swirls are the bane of my free motion existence.  Angela didn’t say I had to practice swirls, but I need to. 

So I drew my tiles and swirls on paper.  I did not take a photo.  You don’t want to see it.  Really, you don’t.  I don’t either.

My fabric sample isn’t much better, but I am starting to relax and feel more confident with the swirls.  Not so much straight lines.

I like the tiling, and its possibilities, so I will keep practicing, and one day, I just might be passably good at it.

Thank you Angela!

13 responses to “Free Motion Quilt Challenge – July

  1. Laura I think it is lovely and I definitely could see this as background for one of your art quilts!


  2. I think you did a fantastic job. Be proud.



  3. Very nice, Laura. You ought to be so proud of yourself!


  4. I loved when you said “you don’t want to see it”…that’s how I usually feel about my fmq. But this looks good! Like you, I find swirls much easier than straight lines.


    • Candy, I know that curves are easier to fmq than straight lines, and I’m good with stippling and meandering, so you would think swirls would be no problem. The trouble comes with changing the angles while stitching…I really have to concentrate. I’m getting better at it.


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