The Army Star

I have faithfully used Nancy J. Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year since the calendar was published by That Patchwork Place in 1999.

More recently, I decided I would practice with Electric Quilt by drawing some of the blocks from this calendar.

Army Star is one of those blocks.

If you have Block Base, the block is listed as 1981 and is a slightly different version. The Kansas City Star printed the block in 1941-43.  

Both blocks are based on an 8 x 8 grid.

Here is what Army Star looks like in a straight set:

Army Star Straight Set

I’ve put the block on point in the following design:

Army Star On Point Set


I suppose I could have been patriotic and used red, white and blue, but I didn’t think of it.  I was concentrating on the design itself.  I’ll play with color another time.

4 responses to “The Army Star

  1. At least you used green for Army. ;p


  2. Like the border with that block … very nice combination.

    Judy B


    • Thank you Judy. I’ve added a straight set design to the blog post. I thought it might be fun to see the difference between on-point and straight set. As to borders…I’m trying to take more time with them…they are an important part of the quilt design.


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