Sun Prints

I’ve been meeting with a group of quilt sisters for several years (not to be confused with other groups of quilting sisters that I’ve been meeting with for years).  We call ourselves the Catastrophes or, Cats, for short.  This year we decided to take turns teaching each other a few things.  Last month, I shared how to make silk fusion.  I am also in charge of July’s meeting.

So, on Friday, I shared how to make sunprints with painted fabric.  However, I get to sit in the corner with a dunce cap because I forgot to take photos of the fun.

Sunprinting is easy.

In short,  get yourself some pfd (prepared for dyeing) fabric, some Setacolor Transparent paint, foam brushes, water and whatever objects you’d like to print.  The objects need to lie flat against the surface of the fabric for a good print. 

You’ll need lots of sunshine too!

I’ve been painting fabric for years, but since I forgot to take photos, I found a video on YouTube for you.

And here are two fabrics I painted on Friday (the first is painted, but not printed…the second is sunprinted with tissue paper triangles):

Here are some hand paints done in the past (some sunprints, some done with salt, and others done with scrunching):

You can get very creative with this.  I wish I had taken photos…the girls were using lace, buttons, washers, garter clips, drapery hooks, silk flowers, stickers and more. 

We were creating masterpiece art!

6 responses to “Sun Prints

  1. Very cool! I will have to try this! Since I live in Florida this would be a great ’round the year type of craft! Thanks for the post!


    • You’re welcome! You’re lucky! This is definitely a summertime only project for me. However, I’m sure that I could accomplish this under a heat lamp, but there is something special about the great outdoors. I can make a big mess outdoors, and the cleanup is easy. :O)


  2. Love! I gotta try this.


  3. The fabric with the feathers is great. Also like the ones with the leaves.


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