Concrete and Quilters – Part 2

For Part One, click here.

After a few days for the concrete to cure, my quilting sisters and I met to unveil our work.

We used the hose on the bird baths to wash off the rhubarb leaves.

But the leaves stuck.  I guess we left them on too long.

The inside of the birdbath.

The underside of the birdbath.  We decided to use a scrub brush to remove the rest of the leaves.

My friends are peeling leaves off the concrete stones.

This is the underside of my birdbath.  I love the definition of the veins of the rhubarb leaf!

The basin, or top side of my birdbath.  The next time I post, it will have been cleaned from rhubarb bits and sealed with concrete sealer.  I already have an idea how I want to display it in garden.

And this is how my hosta stone turned out.  I’m so happy with it!  I made two, but now I want to make more and bury them in the rock path in my back yard.  I think they will add wonderful interest to the landscape.

13 responses to “Concrete and Quilters – Part 2

  1. Cool!


  2. They are very cool! You did good Babe!!!


  3. Love the birdbath! Lovely quilting designs on it,even if it isn’t quite quilting!

    Judy B


    • True Judy! So many ideas are sprung from nature. I’ll post when that birdbath is finished but it will be awhile. I have to wait on Hubby for a little help with my idea.


  4. Fabulous! Want one.


  5. That’s just gorgeous! You need to make more to sell!


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  7. just want to tell you next time.. once you have let them cure .. leave them uncovered in the sun to dry out the leaves they will shrivel and dry one good blast with the hose and they’ll come right off


  8. also.. you can dye your cement with latex paint or even food coloring or fabric dye.. check it out !


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