Concrete and Quilters – Part 1

Last Saturday, I met with a few of my quilting sisters, and one awesomely sweet  Hubby.

We didn’t rotary cut, baste, chain-piece, or quilt in any form.

But we did play with form.

We love our gardens.  So the awesomely sweet Hubby (he belongs to only one of the quilters) mixed up concrete and sand while the rest of us made birdbaths and decorative stones.

These boxes are filled with sand.  The sand was loosely shaped like a basin, and then plastic was laid over that.

The largest rhubarb leaves were used to provide the shape for our birdbaths.

Concrete was applied over a leaf and another leaf was pressed into the surface of the concrete.

We look like we know what we are doing, but we don’t.  It doesn’t matter.  We’re having fun!

For the decorative stones, plastic was laid down on the garage floor and we simply added concrete right on top of a rhubarb leaf.  No form necessary.  These stones will be laid directly in the lawn or garden.

Other decorative stones were made by spraying a plastic water dish with a non-stick cooking spray and then filling with concrete.  This one has a hosta leaf pressed into the concrete.

We know that one can do all kinds of things with this…adding bits of glass, pebbles, tile, etc…, but we opted to keep it simple and natural.  We like the leaves.

All of our creations are curing, so the results will be in a future post. 

7 responses to “Concrete and Quilters – Part 1

  1. That is so cool-I want to see the finished product! I am guessing this was not one of those 100 degree days!


    • Ha! You guessed wrong; it was a 100 degree weather, but we met early. I want to see the finished product too! Today is the day, so I’ll be posting the results, whether good or bad, in the next few days.


  2. laura…totally cool…luv our pics…right on ….S


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