A Canoe Afternoon on the Columbia

The 4th of July dawned beautifully…plenty of sunshine, blue sky and calm Columbia water.  This was a day to drop everything, pack a lunch and do some paddling.  We’ve had a whole lot of rain and thunder, day after day, so this day was extra special.

We launched from Marcus Campground.  Marcus, Washington, is an old town with a rich history.  If Hubby and I didn’t live just up the road, we would definitely camp at this scenic and peaceful campground.

We parked at the swallows condo for lunch.

The picture below doesn’t do justice to the swallows who did their best to let us know that we were uninvited guests. 

Hubby had a much needed pleasant outing!

At home, outside the dining room window, the Cedar Waxwings enjoyed a picnic on dogwood berries.  Hubby needs to keep those windows clean on the outside just for such photographic occasions as this!  But today, was Hubby’s day of rest. 

And we were blessed.

7 responses to “A Canoe Afternoon on the Columbia

  1. We are indeed blest. Linda and I went to the Falls at Post Falls and had a lovely outing and nature walk too. Falls were beautiful, had an abundance of geese and some turtles too. Glad you took time to enjoy the day. Love you guys.


  2. It was a wonderful afternoon on the lake with you!


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