Washington State Quilters – Spokane Chapter

I have finished my contribution for next year’s Washington State Quilters – Spokane Chapter (WSQ) raffle quilt.

2012 WSQ Raffle Quilt

My original block is in the lower right hand corner of the quilt.  It looks like this:

You can find a free PDF for the block by clicking on the Freebies tab above my header.

Here is my contribution to the next raffle quilt:

All three blocks are 6-1/2″ square. 

The first two blocks are paper-pieced.  My big tip for paper-piecing…cut a piece of fabric bigger than you think you need! 

Now that’s done, I can either pull a weed or two between thunder storms, or I can alter a pair of shorts for my sister.  I can’t say that I’m eager to do either, but the good fairies don’t seem to want to them either.

4 responses to “Washington State Quilters – Spokane Chapter

  1. Think I like the last one best. All pretty.


  2. Your Mom is a wise woman … I like the last oen too.

    Judy B


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