Free Motion Quilt Challenge – June

The June Free Motion Quilting Challenge at SewCalGal is a tutorial by Cindy Needham.  Cindy is a talented and professional quilter who travels all over the world.  She is also an author, a designer, and hostess of retreats.  Be sure to visit her website to see her fabulous quilts!

Cindy gave us so much useful information and lots of practice!  I loved this month!  Cindy suggested the ‘divide and conquer’ method.  In other words, divide the work into sections and then fill in the sections.  Instead of an entire blank canvas (or fat quarter, as in my case) to fill, I could simply concentrate on a section at a time.  Baby steps.

Here’s my piece:

Cindy suggested using a contrasting thread.  Obviously, I didn’t pay any attention to that.  Don’t be like me. 

The only time I changed threads was when the spool I was using ran out.  Yup…I was using up thread, and I emptied three spools.

Do you see the Jester hat in the quilting above?  Wendy, over at Ivory Spring,  does it much, much better!  She has a tutorial on how to quilt the Jester hat.  I need more practice!  I was confused frequently while trying to change directions.

More close-ups:

Thank you so much Cindy!

30 responses to “Free Motion Quilt Challenge – June

  1. Looks gorgeous, you did a super job.


  2. Margaret Taffi

    I love free motion quilting!!! I took a class and was hooked but alas haven’t done anymore since! I hope to do some on gifts I’m making for the holidays!


    • Margaret, you can join this challenge at any time. SewCalGal has done a fabulous job organizing this and the teachers are awesome! Do this on your own time…no deadlines…no pressure. Just learn, practice and have fun.


  3. LOVE this! I especially like the area detailed in photo 3656-looks like a garden to me.


    • Thanks Jenny! That wasn’t my intent, but I agree with you. I simply wanted to try as many filler techniques as possible onto this one piece of fabric. It’ll be a great reference for me. Now if I could just be as clever as you and create a wholecloth garden reference! That would be something to love! :O)


  4. Beautiful, love the closeup pictures!


  5. Beautiful work! Thanks for showing us all those close-ups.


  6. Some beautiful textures!
    And all just so you could empty some spools!


  7. Beautiful quilting Laura!


  8. Margaret Taffi

    Sorry to be dense but what is her web site? Love to get started on this!


  9. Your work is beautiful… I keep on looking at all the stitching design that you did…and I love the one with big leaf.


  10. Thank you Candy!


  11. Hi Laura you’re quilting is looking great, in fact impressive, congratulations.


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