Play Day – Silk Fusion

Today is a play day.  It has been raining all week but no matter.  A few quilting sisters have come over and we are playing with silk fusion.

Silk fusion can be used to make bowls, journal covers, wearable art and so much more.

The following close up photos show layers of silk roving fused into a sheet…similar to the look and feel of mulberry paper.  The layers can be thick, but I chose to make sheer fusion.

You will notice white areas.  That is the foam core board showing through the silk fusion.  I laid the fusion on the foam core to take the photos.

Clicking on a photo will give you a closer look.

The following fusion is very sheer, almost ethereal.  Nevertheless, it is strong.

Silk fusion can be cut; it will not fray.  It can be glued, stitched, beaded and thread painted.

The following fusion is an experiment.  I don’t know the content of the fibers, certainly not silk.  And rather than using a diluted textile medium to create the fusion, I tried the timeless Elmer’s (also diluted).

Although it worked, I prefer the textile medium to Elmer’s.  What I do like about this piece is the depth the layers created.

If you would like to know more about silk fusion, you can Google it.  You’ll find lots there.  My favorite method to create fusion is Sue Bleiweiss’ silk fusion tutorial.

11 responses to “Play Day – Silk Fusion

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous!


  2. your silk fusion sheets are gorgeous!


  3. Beautiful! Did you dye the roving?


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