Clorox and a Few Blooms

I’m cleaning house…preparing for company.

I thought you’d like to know what I learned today.

This is my t-shirt.  Maybe you know this already, but never, ever lean on a surface that you have just cleaned with a Clorox wipe.

Just common sense right?  Sometimes I don’t have any.

Hubby and I are weeding.  Little by little.  But there are gems out in the garden.

Like the unharvested rhubarb.  The blooms are lacey and pretty.

The new addition to the garden…a lovely azalea.  She was rescued from a garbage can. 

The prolific and cheerful Miss Marguerite Daisy!

And the stately iris are beginning to show off.  I love having them standing at attention in the veggie garden!

8 responses to “Clorox and a Few Blooms

  1. Love that Iris


  2. Margaret Taffi

    That is a beautiful Iris!


  3. Enjoyed a tour through your garden-iris’ are fabulous flowers!


  4. Love the wildness when it is allowed in the garden, and the plants people throw away – that’s my garden.

    Lovely colours for the small creatures there Laura.


    • Wildness…yup. I have an untamed sort-of cottage kind of garden. LOL! Trouble is, I love flowers…gotta find a place for all of ’em. Maybe the long winters just really make me go overboard in the short bloom time. :O) Thank you Mark.


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