Free Motion Quilt Challenge – May

I am participating in the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge over at SewCalGal.  This month’s free motion quilt expert is the lovely Leah Day, whose blog is the home of the 365 Day Free Motion Quilt Project.  Leah is a fabulous inspiration, both as a quilter, and as a generous fellow human being. 

Leah gave two assignments…a Double Stipple and Railroad Tracks.  Here are my practice pieces.

Yes…I broke the ‘rule’.  You know, the one about using the same thread for the front and the back.  I admit it…I rarely use the same thread in both.  Please don’t tell the quilt police!

And I find that I have trouble creating a large stipple.  There is just something in my brain that won’t tell my hands to create wider spaces.  I did try.  I need to work on that.

Apparently, I don’t do angles either.  These are funny lookin’ tracks for sure.  A bit more practice and I might even like this.  I think the problem, for me, is that straight lines take more concentration.  I don’t want to think too much.

Leah does them both much, much better!

15 responses to “Free Motion Quilt Challenge – May

  1. I haven’t tried this months yet. I think yours turned out really nice. I lilke the double lines going through.


    • It is somehow comforting to know that I am not the only one who waits almost an entire month to complete an assignment. LOL! The double lines aren’t my idea…I liked it when I saw someone else do this.


  2. I really like your railroad tracks, and how you are marking your quilt sandwiches with needle size, etc-great idea! I too almost never ever match top and bottom thread-I don’t think there is any need to. I need to post mine…


    • Jenny, if I don’t mark my practice pieces, I’ll forget what I used, and I’ll have to experiment all over again. LOL! What doesn’t show in the photos is that I will also mark tension settings. I not only don’t use the same color thread in the top and bobbin, but I often use two different thread weights or types (cotton and polyester).


  3. Love the railroad tracks … but then I love trains!

    Judy B


  4. Ooooo…. what sophisticated quilting. You ought to be so proud of yourself.


  5. Sophisticated? I don’t know about that! LOL! Thanks so much for the encouragement!


  6. When I first tried this motion sewing yes I got frustrated also, but then I stuck to it and I have to admit It worked, and I love doing it in just about everything, and it is fun, I have sometimes come up with a design that I did not plan but just happened and looked good enough to continue. LOL yes sophisticated, but such fun. angeljeanne (jeanne) xox


    • Thank you Angel! I appreciate your encouragement as well. I can free motion quilt, but I have my ‘go to’ designs, and it is fun to be working on increasing my fmq skills and designs.


  7. Great job Laura. I love Leah Day and have done a few of her stitching patterns. I saw this challenge but did not do it as my old machine was acting up, but now that I have a new machine I might have to give it a try. I like how you documented the pieces. You may have long tracks but you filled the space. I find that I like doing the little 4 3 pieces, but have a harder time translating it into a bigger pattern.


    • Thank you! I’ve followed Leah Day for a long time, but haven’t practiced her designs. They are on my ‘someday to-do’ list. I like this challenge because it gives me deadlines…one challenge a month. I seem to get more done with deadlines. :O) You are on the right track…practice with the charity quilts and small gifts. You’ll get more comfortable and improve in no time!


  8. I went back to the free motion challenge and looked at January’s, it was the perfect design for one of the charity quilts, trailing leaves. Of course I had fun and since it is not a show quilt I didn’t really take my time, but just got the feel of it and I really like the pattern. I may do it on a few more and take more time on them.


    • Awesome Sandy! Fun is what quilting should be! And the more you are relaxed and enjoying the process, the better at it you will be. I like the trailing leaves as well…it works well for sashings, borders and edge to edge…a versatile design.


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