A Weekend to Retreat and Kitchen Makeover Update

Sisterhood is powerful.  ~Robin Morgan

What a blessing to spend a weekend of spiritual and emotional renewal at a Ladies Retreat!  I was fortunate to spend three days with women from all over my small corner of the world.  We worshipped, laughed, cried, ate, treasure hunted, prayed and more together. 

True…I am biased, but I highly recommend the speaker we were blessed to have for the weekend.  She knows the Word, and she has a love for her spiritual sisters.  And yeah, she has a love for her physical sisters too.  I just happen to be one of them.  Check out Linda Jo Reed’s website.

While I was enjoying a great weekend away, Hubby was working hard to surprise me (I love him!).  He got the kitchen floor finished!

Remember this?:

And this?:

Now it looks like this!:

Fresh, light and no gaps!

I don’t have a large designer kitchen and I don’t need one.  I love my country bumpkin kitchen makeover!

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17 responses to “A Weekend to Retreat and Kitchen Makeover Update

  1. You can come “design” my house anyday!! lol I love the new look!! 🙂


  2. I LOVE the floor! Must look amazing with the painted cabinets! Nice job and your weekend sounds wonderful and restful.


    • Marjorie, Hubby and I are so happy with how the kitchen turned out, and it didn’t even cost that much, or take that much effort. We should’ve done it ages ago! LOL!
      My weekend was awesome!


  3. Wow! That looks great! Much better than the blur of Skype. ;p


  4. My room looks a little more green today by the way. 😉


  5. Lucky girl! A weekend off and a new kitchen floor to come home too!


  6. The floor is gorgeous and what a man you’ve got!


  7. Looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see it. Only a few more weeks!


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