Evergreen Pine Tree

I love this pine in the spring!  She looks like she has starfish swaying in her branches. 

This beautiful tree lives in my yard.  I don’t know her name.

If anyone can identify her, I’d be pleased to know.  Is she a white pine?

Update…I believe she is a Western White Pine.  Someone correct me if I am wrong. 

One commenter thinks it is a red pine – pinus-resinosa.

15 responses to “Evergreen Pine Tree

  1. Margaret Taffi

    Is it a Japanese Pine? We had one years ago that had the same thing ad the very long needles.


    • I’m asking you Margaret! LOL! I shall have to google and see what I come up with. I don’t think a Japanese Pine would be growing wild in my area, but ya never know. :O)


      • Margaret Taffi

        Done some research on the subject and still don’t know for sure! If the needles are over ten inches long it could be a Ponderosa Pine. Some sites tell you to crush the needles and if the smell a certain way they are one kind and on and on. My goodness! Don’t forget to let us know IF you identify it! Meanwhile, I’m still searching for the answer! Have a lovely day! LOL!


  2. I have no idea, but I see those starfish legs on my driveway all the time, so I’d like to know her name, too!


  3. I’ve never seen a tree like that! You know…one of those pictures would make a unique Christmas card. In your spare time…. 🙂


  4. Gorgeous-that’s just the coolest tree!


  5. red pine in spring


    • Thank you! I googled the name you gave me, and am now wondering if the ones where I live (northeastern WA state) are cousins to the pinus resinosa. Google resources seem to indicate that this pine is eastern, not western.


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