This and That – Kitchen and Widow’s Mite Update

Kitchen project update:

Remember that?:

Now it is this:

Remember that?:

Now it is this:

Fresh paint and new hardware.  Check!

Hubby is finishing up the glass cabinet doors, and then on to that floor!

The Widow’s Mite project update:

Applique pieces are being secured with free-motion zig-zag.

When the zig-zagging gets done, then I’ll stitch in some details with thread painting.

Update on the Weeding project:

Not so much.

What’s your progress?

7 responses to “This and That – Kitchen and Widow’s Mite Update

  1. Awesome kitchen!! 🙂 My progress is this, after a rough morning with Aiden, I am now done baking Lyssie’s B-day cake, it is cooling and hopefully will come out of the pan easily, and the Broke Baker should be on her way over to help me decorate it!! Last night at the PTA meeting I found out that offially on June 8th I should be nominated by the PTA board to be the popcorn chair person and run it next year! yay!! That is my progress for the most part this week!! lol ;P


  2. Margaret Taffi

    As for the weeds, they are winning here in Northern California! I’ll be busy this weekend trying to tame them! Wish me luck! That all comes after quilt guild of course! Can’t wait to see the floor you will be putting in! The cabinets that color added so much freshness! I’m still determoined to follow your lead and get to work on mine!


  3. Margaret Taffi

    DETERMINED I mean!


    • Margaret, I would love to follow your kitchen redo progress! It is unbelieveable what a difference a fresh coat of paint makes! Sure lightened up my kitchen!
      I have actually got around to planting some of my veggie garden; it is looking quite nice. As for all the floral gardens…ahem.


  4. Loving your progress on the Widow -and the kitchen!


    • Slow, but sure progress Marjorie. I really need to get out in the yard. Or hope for alot of rainy days, but I don’t really want that. LOL!


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