New York Beauty Block

It has been quite awhile since I played with Electric Quilt.  So I had an early shower, put on my pajamas, and cozied up on the couch with my laptop.

New York Beauty is an old file (like many, many moons ago) that I thought would be fun to spend an evening with.  This block can offer up so many variations; one can play for hours!

New York Beauty Block

New York Beauty 2

New York Beauty 3

New York Beauty 4

I made a New York Beauty quilt several years ago.  I made it by the paper piecing method.  I love the quilt, and it won The Harpist’s Award at the Washington State Quilters – Spokane Chapter quilt show (I’m sorry I don’t have a photo for you).  But removing paper is tedious.

Linda Franz, over at Inklingo, has made this very easy (no paper piecing here).  I have no affiliation; but I recognize a good thing when I see one (I wish I had seen this sooner.).  She has created a great New York Beauty design (not like the one shown here) that has shapes that can be printed directly onto fabric.  Check it out by clicking here and here and here and here (all different posts with lots of inspiration).

Happy quilting!

8 responses to “New York Beauty Block

  1. Cool!


  2. Thanks Jessica! If I play around with color, these could be very showy!


  3. Wow!

    If this is an example of old files just laying about I want to see more.

    Judy B


  4. Oooh, I loved seeing these designs! New York Beauty is just such a fun block to play with!


  5. You are right Cathi; lots of fun to play with!


  6. I have not seen this kind of blocks. Very beautiful, colors in harmony and nice pattern.


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