Kitchen Makeover – Part 3

Remember this?

Now it looks like this:

New  knobs and hinges:

Oh so much better than the dirty outdated brass ones!

We aren’t done yet.  This photo shows primer and paint:

Soon those drawers will be painted and they will have their freshly painted doors installed too.

It won’t be too much longer before the floor is tackled.  Maybe.  Like I said; we work slow.

Happy renovations…big or small…to all you do-it-yourselfers!

I’ll keep ya posted!

12 responses to “Kitchen Makeover – Part 3

  1. I will like it a whole lot more when we are done, ha, ha! Thanks for your help on this project babe!!!


  2. Looking fantastic!!


  3. It’s amazing what a little paint and new hardware can do! Looks great!!


  4. Wow! What a transformation. Love the contrast, the color and the new hinges!


    • Me too, Marjorie! And it’ll tie in with the dining room now. The trim in the dining room is the color of the cabinets. And we’ve painted the kitchen walls the same as the dining room room walls. The rooms are side-by-side. I am a happy camper now.


  5. Looking good! I like the new hardware!


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