Weed Killing and What is Blooming

I’m pulled in several directions, more so now that the good earth is blooming. 

 I want to be sewing…practicing my free motion quilting and working on the Widow.

I want to be working, and I am, little by little, on the kitchen makeover.

I want to be planting my peas and carrots.

So…what am I doing?  This:

Notice the sprayer on the right?

And the weeds?  Most of the weeds that I am zapping with weed killer are in the driveway.    A loooooong driveway when you’re lugging around a couple of gallons of weed killer.

I got most of it done, but still have a small portion of the upper driveway to do.

The fun part of rural living?  Let me zoom to the end of the driveway for you:

I’m still playing with my camera too.  Here’s some eye candy from the garden:

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the magnolia bloom… the deer usually eat the buds before they open…but I’m lucky this year!

This last one is especially for my Mom:

I know you have things to do, but make sure you get out and enjoy Spring!

6 responses to “Weed Killing and What is Blooming

  1. Nice picture taking! Don’t you just love the wild Turkeys? I know the feeling, I’m torn on what to start first ! Guess I’d better make a list and follow it!
    Have a great day!


    • Margaret…I have already started many things. It’s the finishing that has me stumped. LOL!
      The turkeys are a love-hate relationship. They can be destructive, messy and too tempting for my dog. To put it nicely, what they leave behind can be too tempting for my dog. That’s more than you want to know, I’m sure. Ha, ha! But I do love this time of year, when Tom Turkey is a noisy, strutting show-off! :O)


  2. Beautiful!


  3. Great pictures !!!!!!! And thank you !!!!!!


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