Playing with the Camera

Spring has finally arrived at my house!

And thanks to my new friend, Candy, over at BuriedinScraps, I got brave and used the manual setting on my camera.  I have never used it before.

I surprised myself.  In a very good way!

Hovering over a photo will give you the name of the plant.  Clicking on the photo will give you a closer look.

All the plants are in my garden.


16 responses to “Playing with the Camera

  1. These are great shots!! Manual really isn’t hard…just a little more time to get the settings right until you’re used to it! Great job!!

  2. Cool! I need to learn mine.

  3. beautiful! Nice camera work.

  4. Love looking up at the forsythia!

  5. Great pictures Babe!

  6. Awesome pictures!! You did a great job!! 🙂

  7. Great pictures !!!!!!!!!!!

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