Kitchen Makeover – Part 2

The cabinets doors are unhinged (literally, since we are changing the hinges).

Cleaning and lightly sanding:

That’s no super duper cleaner…just diluted Lysol.  The sandpaper is a fine grit (220 wet/dry).

The primer:

I have a love/hate relationship with this stuff.  It dries fast, so I’m not so neat and tidy applying it, but it does a wonderful job!

The lazy woman’s way of storing her brushes:

I’m not even trying to clean my brushes.  The paint is oil based and hard to clean up.  And since I’ve set a goal of painting at least two cabinets a day, and therefore, using my brushes daily, I see no reason to clean them.

My fancy workspace:

My dining table is set with a vinyl picnic table cloth (I use the cloth for fabric painting and dyeing sessions) and kitchen cabinets balanced on paint cans so that I can paint them.

In my next life, I’m going to hire someone to do this job.


I’ll keep ya posted.

9 responses to “Kitchen Makeover – Part 2

  1. Sounds like a lot of work but it will be worth it! I live in a modular home and the cabinets are pressed board with the wood grain paper over it! I need to paint them as the paper is peeling! Not sure how to prep them though! Any ideas? Keep up the good work on your project and keep us posted on the details! Have a great day!


    • Margaret, I don’t know anything about painting kitchen cabinets so, in my case, discussed it with a friend who does know what he is doing, and discussed it with the help at Lowe’s Hardware. And I even found some tutorials online.

      Good luck with your kitchen makeover! I’m sure freshly painted cabinets will be so much more appealing than old peeling ones! :O)


      • I agree and can’t wait to get started! You’re right, I’ll ask for advice from the hardware store! Now I’m all excited!


  2. Margaret, this home improvement stuff is contagious! And what a difference a little paint makes!


  3. We wrap our paint rollers in foil so we don’t have to clean them. ;p


  4. I love the markings on the sand paper! Scan them when your done and make a print Laura! (in your spare time! lol)


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