A Small Thing, but the Name Tag is Finished

Remember this?

It’s a small thing.  A little name tag to wear to a quilt guild meeting.

And it is finished!

Yes, I know.  It is nothing to write home to Mama about.  And I’ve learned that I don’t ever want to bead my name.  Ever!   (You couldn’t tell that is my name?   Doesn’t everyone squish their u’s and r’s together?) 

And I could add more beads and/or French knots.  But I’m done.  It’s only a name tag after all.

Want to see a prettier name tag?  How about this one?

You can even read my name!

I created it several years ago when I was a member of a now local disbanded applique society.  By the way, if you love applique, you may be interested in The Applique Society, founded in 1997.  It is an excellent non-profit organization devoted to the art of applique.  Check out their website!  Some of the advantages of joining…TAS pin (you can see it on my name tag), patterns, education, fellowship, a great newsletter and more.


4 responses to “A Small Thing, but the Name Tag is Finished

  1. Looks good to me!


  2. Margaret Taffi

    It looks great to me! My name tag for quilt guild is made of paper! Now I really need to get on with making one thats hand loved!


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