The Widow’s Mite

The poor widow walked into the courtyard clutching her last two copper coins.  She would give all for her faith was enough to sustain her.  She would trust in her God’s provision.

Do you know the story of the Widow’s Mite?  You can find it in your Bible.  Luke 21: 1-4 and Mark 12: 41-44.

At least 2 years ago (maybe more, I hate to say), my Pastor asked if I would create banners for the church.  I had made some before, and he wanted others that were similar in style.

My heart wasn’t in it.  I couldn’t get inspired to create what the Pastor wanted.  So I made excuses.

Then followed an extended period of depression and creative dryness.

That’s behind me.  And it feels good.

I am inspired by the widow.  So I share her beginnings with you.

She is drawn on a muslin foundation and pinned to a gridded flannel board.  I didn’t think about taking photos when I pinned her to this board.

All the flesh pieces are cut from one cloth that I hand-dyed several years ago.  It was waiting for me to use it for just this purpose.

I am looking for her hair.  I thought it was in my hand-dyed stash, but nothing is speaking to me.  The piece that wants to be used is really gonna have to shout at me, or I shall be hunting the shops for it. 

Or perhaps dye it myself.  It has been a long time since I dyed fabric too.

And, lest you think I am an artist, I am using an enlargement, and tracing of a copyright free children’s coloring page.  Yes, I’ve adapted it, but not all that much.


15 responses to “The Widow’s Mite

  1. She has a beautiful face.


  2. What do you mean that you are not an artist????? You most certainly ARE! Your quilts are beautiful and I believe the widow will turn out every bit as wonderful when you are finished! Please post a photo (or send me one!) when she is finished. May God guide you. Love you.


  3. Yes, posts from a Big Sis do count! And Daughter agrees with her! 🙂


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