March Free Motion Quilting Challenge

I am participating in the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge over at SewCalGal.  The talented art quilter, Ann Fahl,  has written a tutorial for March.

Ann has suggested keeping a binder/journal of free motion quilting ideas.  That is something that I have already been doing and have referenced many times.  It is a very good suggestion.

Ann has also suggested learning meandering patterns other than stippling.  So I am practicing her stars and loops, spirals and spiral flowers.

I need alot more practice.

Doodling is not only fun, but helps to develop memory and make the motion come naturally when actually quilting on a project.

I warmed up with some feather practice.  I learned feathers from Diane Guadynski last month, and I am really enjoying these.  I’m gaining confidence.

I’m using a Schmetz 14 Jeans needle and some old Coats and Clark Dual Duty thread that I want to use up.  The tension is lowered slightly.  The batting is Cotton Classic.

I’ll need a lot more practice with this month’s meandering!

So back to the sewing machine I go!

8 responses to “March Free Motion Quilting Challenge

  1. Wow! Those all look really great! I LOVE the feather and that little daisy loop you are doing. I really admire Diane G’s free motion quilting and loved her quilts in Paducah. This makes me want to drop everything and join in!!!

    Oh…it is going to be 85 today in Illinois! Ha ha ha! (Sorry about your snow!) 😦 but at least you have a great view.


    • Yes, I just got off the phone with my daughter (she lives in Traverse City, MI), and she is experiencing near 90 degrees today. Sheesh! She is warmer than Yuma, AZ, where my Mom lives. My goodness!

      And you are right to point out my blessings! I do have a great view; I do live in a gorgeous place.

      Thank you for the compliments! By all means, join the 2012 Free Motion Challenge. One can join at any time. And if we all actually practiced on a regular basis, think how such wonderful quilters we would be. :O)


  2. These look lovely!


  3. What I wanted to say, these practice pieces look lovely!


  4. learnaboutquilting

    Looking very nice.


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