Winter Has Not Left Yet

Dear beautiful Spring weather, I miss you. Was it something I said? ~”Skipper” Kim Corbin

While many of you are experiencing spring, and loving all the new growth and color that spring brings, I get to be satisfied with a snow storm today.

I am not impressed.

I really, really want to plant the rhododendrons that are sitting in buckets of now frozen water next to my porch.  At least, I do have some green to cheer me up.

Underneath this fresh blanket of white, there are new bulbs and buds peeking out.

Really!  I saw them yesterday!

5 responses to “Winter Has Not Left Yet

  1. Now that snow is gone, it is 49 degrees, sunny and windy here! LOL!!! Maybe the weekend will allow us to poke the plants in the ground!


  2. It is starting to feel cold here … I am wearing brand new uggs (sheepskin slipper/boots) for the first time this year. Will have to find another quilt for the bed tonight too. We won’t take your snow, but we are trying to take the heat off you!

    Judy B


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