Me and My Girl – Potholders

I’ve had the pleasure of having my four year old granddaughter visit for a few days.  In fact, the pass has been closed periodically with avalanches, so it may take her parents a little longer to come get her.  Add to that, heavy rain here, so going out is not an option.  So what shall we do?

Alyssa and I have come up with a fun project.  In these two photos, she is busy using various objects to trace different size circles onto paper-backed fusible web.

Alyssa really enjoys peeling the paper from the fusible.

And here she is, choosing threads to applique her project with.

Now you and I could finish this project in an afternoon, but a four year old needs a little more time.  There are other things that are calling out to her…like playing ball with the dog.

So we’ll finish this later. 

7 responses to “Me and My Girl – Potholders

  1. Great photos of our little girl!!!


  2. Owls! How CUTE!!! Glad you’re having fun! 🙂


  3. Don’t know which is cuter … the potholders or the maker.

    Judy b


  4. She’ll remember these special times with you. Great project, great smiles!


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