Me and My Girl Part 2

This afternoon, Alyssa and I finished our project.  In preparation, Alyssa had to change into pajamas (She’s no fool…she knows what is comfortable!).

We pinned.

And we sewed.

And we turned our project right side out.

Pressed, topstitched and done!

Cute potholders! 

Click here if you would like this tutorial.  Thank you to Sew We Quilt!

With a little alteration, this owl could be so cute decorating a bag or pillow.  Hmmmm…a future project perhaps?


6 responses to “Me and My Girl Part 2

  1. Great job girls! Love em!!!


  2. Looks like a good time was had by all! They are really cute.
    AND, so are the girls making them!


  3. Adorable! Love the green and purple (of course). 😉


  4. Save this tutorial Jessica…you can do it with Hannah someday. :O)


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