Brazilian Embroidery UFO

The stitching is done!

I’m not the best embroiderer you ever saw, but I like it!

I still need to wash and block, and decide what to do.  Make a pillow?  Frame it?

I’m off on a little trip to get my Grandma fix.  The only projects I’ll have going are hugs…lots of ’em!


32 responses to “Brazilian Embroidery UFO

  1. Looks great!

  2. Turned out wonderful and I am going to be happy having it in our home in whatever form you take to finish it! You make our house a home with all your beautiful work!!! Love, ME

  3. Ooooo!! Beautiful!!!!

  4. What do you mean “not the best embroiderer you ever saw.” Are you crazy Laura? This is GORGEOUS! Beautifully executed stitches, wonderful use of color – an heirloom for sure! I have a book on Brazilian embroidery but have never done any – your work is inspiring.

  5. Laura, I just swooned. Beautiful, beautiful work!

  6. Laura,
    This is fabulous Brazillian embroidery..loved it..
    what is the stitch used for the leaves in the centre flower(leaves with yellow caston stitch flower) looks great..

  7. Was this from a kit or book? It is beautiful and I am looking for just such a project.

  8. Found a kit by searching “brazilian embroidery Dresden plate”. I like you color choices better than those illustrated with the kit. There is also another image online of the same pattern on black. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  9. Laura, how did I miss this post? Your embroidery is BEYOND GORGEOUS!!!

    • Wendy, that cold of your’s has you befuddled for sure. You didn’t miss this post at all. You commented on May 3rd…just scroll up and see. And thank you again, for the compliment! I really should get back to embroidery…I enjoy it very much. 🙂

  10. Very beautiful! And Very nice stitching! Hope you don’t mind me pinning this page so I can be reminded to come look at your blog again and again.

  11. So gorgeous Laura! Your embroidery is just beautiful. What an incredible piece.

  12. que belleza, si no le molesta copiaré un poco de lo suyo, me encanta el bordado brasilero y expuesto de esta forma es maravilloso para utilzarlo en el patchwork, gracias.

    • “that beauty, if it bothers you’ll copy some thing, I love the Brazilian embroidery and exposed in this way is wonderful for utilzarlo in patchwork, thanks.”

      Thank you, Alcira…I love the Brazilian embroidery too!

  13. Oh so pretty! Your embroidery looks stunning to me!

  14. Alana Costigan

    I would love to know how to do Brazillian embroidery but it would take away from trying to finish my whole cloth quilt before I die.

  15. Absolutely stunning embroidery. I love it, its so beautifully stitched. Well done.

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