Finger Pincushions

Head on over to Linda Franz’s Inklingo Blog for a treat!

Linda and Monkey have a fabulous 70 second tutorial on how to make these fun and utilitarian finger pincushions.  That’s right…70 seconds is all it takes to learn how to make these.

Use ’em for yourself and make extra for gifts for all your sewing/quilty friends!

3 responses to “Finger Pincushions

  1. Laura,
    I have been following your progress on orca bay through the quiltvillechat yahoo group and checking your blog as well. It looks fabulous you must be happy with the results. Mine is still in progress but I love seeing how others are progressing it is definitely encouraging. Now to my great surprise when I checked your etsy store I discovered you are nearly my neighbor!!!!! Do you have the option of purchasing and picking up instead of shipping? I am going to Spokane for a couple of days for classes with Sharon Schamber at the end of this week so I will be driving through Evans on my way there as well as on my way back. I live just on the other side of the border evans is less than an hour away!!
    Lisa Newman


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