Orbiting Stars

I’ve been playing with another old EQ project file.  The block was drawn many moons ago (very many moons) when I took an EQ class at Quilt University.

This is a simple layout…3 blocks x 3 blocks set on point with a 3″ sashing.

Boring.  Floating blocks have their place, but not here.

Orbiting Stars

Adding stars in the sashing adds more interest, but everything is still floating.

Orbiting Stars 2

Switch up the color.  Now the stars are anchored.  I’m liking this mucho better!

Orbiting Stars 3

How about dressing up the border?  For some folks, this is too busy; other folks like lots to look at.  Do what you like (or what the recipient of the quilt likes).

I do see that I need to go back to the drawing board and fix my star points in the border blocks.  It looks like I’ve drawn the outer points longer than the inner ones.  Nothing like a picture to point out one’s mistakes!

Orbiting Stars 4

And with a click of the mouse, let’s change up the color.

Not everyone’s favorite colors, but I can see the stars in the sashing quite nicely.

Orbiting Stars 5

Another click (or two) of the mouse and another color scheme.  Hmmmm.  I can see white paddle fans hovering over a tiled floor.  Is it just me?

Orbiting Stars 6

And yet another quick color change.  It may be classic black, white and red, but it sure is busy.  I think I’ll try that with a more solid black ground when I go back to the project file to fix the star points.

Orbiting Stars 7

And the reverse of the previous quilt.  I like it better.

Orbiting Stars 8

There’s a lot more playing around with this design.  My friend, Judy, is creating beautiful virtual quilts with subtle soft and muted colors.  I got darker the more I played with this design.  What if I went softer?

I love hearing from you!

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