Orca Bay and Small Stuff

A little of this.  A little of that.

See these two misplaced orange string blocks?

They are not misplaced any longer.  I’ve ripped and resewed and now they follow the diagonal black blocks.  I’m so happy that I only had to rework two of these little guys!

My sister created this beautiful bead necklace for me! (She loves me!)

In return, I am altering two blouses for her.  Yes, I volunteered…she didn’t ask for anything.  Yes…I hate mending and alterations!  I can think of lots of things I’d rather do.  I have a couple of clothing items that have been sitting in the sewing studio for months.  They are mine…so I can let them sit there if I want.  And I am.

One of the quilt guilds that I attend is asking members to create name tags.  And a friend gave me an introduction to beading.  So I thought I’d combine the two.

I found a leftover scrap from a quilt project to use for my tag (Oh yes, I love orange!).

Then I had to make things difficult for myself.  Why did I think such a simple thing should be complicated with beadwork?  I hope my name is somewhat readable when I’m through with this thing.

What’s the small stuff that you are working on? 


I love hearing from you!

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