Circles of Geese

What can I do with a circular geese block?

Choose a layout or two from EQ7, pop in my block, and just see what happens.

Circles of Geese 3

Change it up.

Circles of Geese 2

Play a little bit with color.

Circles of Geese 11

Whoa!  It was busy before!  This isn’t the direction I want to go with it.

Circles of Geese 4

Tone it down; one big block in the center.

Circles of Geese 6

Playing with sizes.

Circles of Geese 5

Mute the color.

Circles of Geese 7

Add in new flying geese shapes for fun.

Circles of Geese 9

Circles of Geese 8

I don’t know that I like any of these designs, but lots of possibilities are here; with layouts, elements and color.

Design a block and let yourself have some play time.   Just for the fun of it.

6 responses to “Circles of Geese

  1. I like the movement in the second one from the bottom, blue and brown…


  2. wow i love seeing the changes i like themm all you make it exciting i have e 5 nerver could figure out how to make it work you make me want to try again


  3. Okay, you are having waaaay too much fun with this EQ! I really like these, reminds me of spirographs!


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