Patti’s Star

Several years ago, I took an Electric Quilt class (EQ4) from Patti Anderson at Quilt University.  For practice, I’ve decided to revisit a project from that class.  The following block was drawn during that class.

Patti's Star Quilt Block

When the block is placed in a quilt, the unexpected appears…a star with a pinwheel shaped center, or one could focus on the circles with larger pinwheels that formed:

Patti's Star

Playing with symmetry; the circles have been lost:

Patti's Star 2

Similar to the previous quilt, but now the dark pinwheels are more defined:

Patti's Star 3


Which do you like?  Or not?

Update: There is a free pdf available for Patti’s Star under the Freebies tab on my header.

7 responses to “Patti’s Star

  1. You have them in my order of preference … the best at the top.
    I don’t often blocks that are not symetrical, bu tlove seeing what happens with the symmmetry button when I do!

    Judy B


  2. very cool i like it not that fond of pin wheels don’t know why.


    • Thanks Katherine! The block doesn’t look like much, but it is a fun surprise discovering what happens with it when playing with it. It’s especially fun when I think I don’t like something and then I find the exception!


  3. I love them all – last one best! But mostly, I LOVE the surprise that happens when you put them together!


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