Double Wedding Ring

I love following Judy Butcher’s  and Linda Franz’s blogs!  They are creative, consistent and quite inspiring!  And they are encouraging me to get familiar with EQ7.

The following design was simple to create in EQ7 and I really like it.  I may play more with it, just like Judy would, but for now, it is enough to follow in her footsteps and show the design as it is.

Double Wedding Ring

A color variation…it is so easy to switch colors:

Double Wedding Ring2

I wish I could say that the pieces could be printed out with Inklingo (I wanted to enter the design in Linda’s Love the Lines contest), but they can’t.  However, Linda does have a Double Wedding Ring Collection. 

EQ7 is quite capable of printing out templates and rotary cutting directions.  Cool!

If you want to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt, I suggest playing with EQ if you are a blessed owner of this great design program, or checking out Inklingo.  Linda Franz is full of helpful ideas and inspiration!

5 responses to “Double Wedding Ring

  1. Sometime I’ve got to break down and get EQ!! Those are beautiful designs!!


  2. Thank you … I am now blushing!

    Judy B


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