Blogger’s Vacation

This blogger is taking a vacation.  And it is gonna be a doozy!  Why?  I’m hoppin’ on a jet plane for very important business!

I’m going to play hide and seek with Hannah:

I’m going to tickle Benjamin:

And I’m going to snuggle with the wee one:

Expected January 1st (or whenever baby pleases)!

You all have a very blessed and merry Christmas!


11 responses to “Blogger’s Vacation

  1. Laura,
    Have a wonderful time on your business trip! Merry Christmas, happy new year.
    Judy B


  2. I want to go too! Waaaaaaaa!!!! LOL! Love you and glad you can go be with our little ones! ME


  3. Wish you could come too Dad!
    (Dec. 30th is the original due date.) ;p


  4. Have a wonderful trip!! You’ll have a very Merry Christmas!!


  5. Have a very Merry Christmas Laura.

    As you appear on blogs, which doesn’t transfer your wordpress info over, you appear on my blog as a no-reply blogger. Thus, I couldn’t email reply to a comment you left on my blog about FMQ DVDs. Diane Gaudynski is an FMQ Expert and one of 12 that will be sharing a tutorial in my 2012 FMQ Challenge. While she has written books, I don’t believe she has created any DVDs, which is why she isn’t on that list. Or, have I overlooked something?



  6. I love that picture of H by the way. 🙂


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