Buyer Beware

Beware of the half truth. You may have gotten hold of the wrong half. ~Author Unknown

I am not a scrapbooker, but my daughter is.  A very good one in fact.  So I knew a gift from a scrapbooking store would be perfect for her birthday.  I was looking for a hard to find item and I was elated when I found it at an online store.

I don’t usually ‘call out’, but I’m going to now.  My daughter never got her birthday gift (she lives in another state from me) and numerous attempts to contact this store were fruitless.  I don’t want you to experience this unpleasantness.  Yes, Scrapbook Needs & Wants will take your money and run.   So don’t shop there!

Fortunately for me, my credit card company credited my account and is looking into this scrapbooking company.  Hubby discovered that there have been over 40 complaints against the company lodged with the Better Business Bureau since 2009.  Now there is one more.

Shopping is fun, but don’t be like me.  Take the time to check out the company you are wanting to shop from.  For example, I never looked for feedback. They don’t have any!  And you have to be a detective to find a phone number.  I should have been more cautious, but I was caught up in the excitement of finding that perfect gift for a loved one. 

Careless me!  This could have turned out much more serious for me than it did.  I was fortunate.  Actually, I was blessed by a Father God who was watching out for me like I was 3 years old.

Buyer beware!


3 responses to “Buyer Beware

  1. Happened to me too!

    DO NOT ORDER from They are liars, cheats, and frauds. Placed an order in June, still don’t have it despite their promise mid-July that my items would be shipped soon. They are no longer answering emails. Have taken some action against them. Complaints against them go back 4 years, yet they are still in business! Tell all of your scrappy friends!

    If this has happened to you too, please check out the following websites and tell your stories there! The more we can get people to tell the proper authorities the sooner we can get them shut down!!


    • Deanna, thanks for your input! I am passing on these links to the scrapbookers in my life.


      • Thanks, Laura! The more we can get this around to people the better. The Pennsylvania State Police are aware of the situation, as is the Attorney General, but I have to imagine that it’s not high on their list of priorities right now.

        Time will tell. And I’m a huge believer in karma!


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