The Morning After the Snowstorm

Winter came down to our home one night Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow, And we, we were children once again. ~Bill Morgan, Jr.

The first significant snowfall is always so beautiful.  It is all the more so when the morning sunshine is glistening over the new whiteness of it all.  Enjoy!

12 responses to “The Morning After the Snowstorm

  1. uh oh! you have snow before us! it looks beautiful and I love the view. We hope to get up to 50 today…yippee!


  2. I don’t think I’ll see 50 until spring now. We are having a blizzard as I write this little note. It is absolutely gorgeous! Of course, I can say that…I don’t have to go anywhere today. LOL!


  3. Beautiful! Great shots!


  4. Wow! I love your photos! Beautiful! I do love to look at it. I just don’t like the sheen on the hill I have to drive on at the end of my driveway! Yikes!


  5. Good job on some spectacular shots Babe!


  6. Thanks for sharing you beautiful snow photos. Living in Southern California I haven’t seen snow in 30 years. It’s so pretty!


  7. Laura,

    Beautiful! I am about to open the cupboard full of Christmas decorations … some of them have touches of ‘snow’ … it helps me to feel cool as summer heats up!

    Judy B


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