Make It Work

I’m back from a terrific road trip with Hubby and ready to sew! 

Having said that, what should have been a pleasant hour on a rainy afternoon machine quilting a simple doll quilt, turned into a discouraging several hours of sewing and ripping.  My beloved Bernina (a 1530 acquired in 1997…for those who want to know these things) was skipping stitches like crazy.  I tried switching needles, switching threads, switching tensions all to know avail.  She has really had a meltdown and needs to make a trip to the hospital.

With Tim Gunn’s words in my head, “Make it work!”, I got out my lonely little Janome Gem Gold and got reacquainted.  With the help of some quilting books (they make a nice extension table) and the Supreme Slider, she did a great job! 

 I am quilting with Aurifil 40 wt. #4665 in the top and WonderFil Invisfil 100 wt. #103 in the bobbin (and they work together just fine).

Front side…No skipped stitches!

Back side…great tension!

I’m glad I started with the doll quilt because the baby quilt will be a real challenge with this tiny machine.  There is just not that much space to work with.

Teeny arm space…too teeny for machine quilting!

The doll quilt and baby quilt aren’t going to make it on the runway, but they have a higher calling and they will be ready.  

Make it work!

4 responses to “Make It Work

  1. How discouraging to have your beloved machine breakdown. You are fortunate to have a backup! The quilt looks great to me. I made a couple of doll quilts two years ago. Nothing to brag about, but my granddaughter and our “shared” dolls at my house think they are just fine.


  2. Sorry you’ve had so much trouble! Been watching more Project Runway lately? ;p


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