Minot, North Dakota

On the same day that we traveled to Clyde, North Dakota, Hubby and I also traveled to a ghost town of a different kind.  Our precious daughter-in-law was on a mission, along with a group from her church, to serve the flooded residents of Minot, North Dakota, by helping to rebuild a few homes.  It is a drop in the bucket, but every drop counts. 

Many of the residents are not returning, and many are still waiting for a FEMA trailer to live in.  Their homes are completely gutted and must dry out before rebuilding can take place.   There is much to be done and help is needed.  Facebook has a community page for ‘Minot ND Flood Help’.  You can also click here to offer help.

The following photos are just a tiny representation of the need in Minot.  They are all I could take in the short amount of time I had to visit.

4 responses to “Minot, North Dakota

  1. This is real tragedy! Great pictures, sad, sad story. The world is fortunate to have people like your daughter-in-law and her church. Thank you for sharing this story.


  2. God made a BIG impression on the town of Minot, ND and the word got out fast that the Nazarene Church had brought in helpers who where helping the people rebuild their houses. The problem is we were there for only 10 days!There were 14 of us and we insulated and sheet rocked 5 houses, not a dent in the 4000 houses that were affected by the flood, but a God Send to those of the occupantants of the 5 houses!! We went into this mission trip to do God’s will and help where we could, and every little bit helps! There is soo much more to do!! They need people who are willing to work and work hard to get these houses finished before the snow flies!! Please keep the town of Minot, ND in your prayers!! 🙂


  3. It is amazing to me how high the water was, you can see it by the stains on the sides of the homes and on the garage doors! There were whole neighborhoods destroyed! Very sad indeed!


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