A Ghost Town – Clyde, North Dakota

People who don’t cherish their elderly have forgotten whence they came and whither they go. ~Ramsey Clark

I don’t know anything about Clyde, North Dakota.  What drew me there was the opportunity to seek a connection to my great-great grandfather, Oscar Odell Brown.  Looking for a better way of life, Oscar moved his young family to Clyde.  Instead, the town claimed his life in March of 1908.  I never found evidence of his having been there, but I found my connection in walking where Oscar walked.  I think you might enjoy the walk too.


10 responses to “A Ghost Town – Clyde, North Dakota

  1. Very cool!


  2. It is way cool Jessica! :O)


  3. Wow! Now I really wanna go see, too! Fun! Thanks for sharing, Sis.


  4. I was blessed to be there with you on this journey and hope for many more to come!


  5. You’re welcome Linda!
    And I am blessed to be with you as well JCon!


  6. Fascinating! So the people just up an’ left? Coats still hanging on the pegs? Kind of eery too. Thanks for sharing.


    • I don’t know what happened to the people…no work and moved on I guess. I believe there are about 6 people living there still. Maybe; could be less. I have a photo that I did not post that shows a blouse hanging in a closet. There are kitchen items still around. Strange, but fun to explore.


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  8. Fascinating and bittersweet–a great link to the past.


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