Discoveries in the Garden

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. ~John Muir

It is always good to slow down and take a walk once in a while.  It refreshes body and soul and one never knows what one might discover.

A nest in the apple tree:

A crab spider hiding out in the phlox (she is so clever with her camouflage):

And a pine beetle:

Oh yes, he is alive!

I think the dent in the beetle’s wing casing was caused by an adventurous kitten.

She only looks innocent!

 What discoveries have you made on your walks?

One response to “Discoveries in the Garden

  1. We walk three mornings a week along an irrigation canal that connects to Cherry Creek and the South Platte, thus encircling the whole Metro Denver area. Along our portion of the canal we see and hear Swainson Hawks and eagles as well. We have Blue Herons, a wide variety of birds and other urban wildlife. We’ve seen deer hiding in the greenery. At night we can hear owls and the cries of their kills. Raccoons are abundant at night, as well as foxes and coyotes. I’ve always been fascinated by urban wildlife and enjoy walking through our busy city on a canal trail that feels rural.

    Love your pictures!

    We say “fie!” to pine beetles, however. They have destroyed many of our pine trees in the Rocky Mountains.


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