Red and White Quilt Challenge – Aunt Sukey Spins Off

I entered Phase II of SewCalGal’s Red and White Quilt Challenge. You can see that post here.

Aunt Sukey Spins Off is my entry to the challenge:

Aunt Sukey Spins Off

I’m am thrilled to announce, and more than a little surprised (there are very good entries), that I won this challenge!  You can read about that at SewCalGal’s.

Island Batik sent enough yardage for me to make the quilt top.  Isn’t it gorgeous fabric?!

Island Batik Prize

Thank you so much to SewCalGal and Island Batik!



Good Luck Quilt Block

I nearly skipped this block from Nancy Martin’s Perpetual Calendar 365 Quilt Blocks A Year.    I couldn’t see the design potential.

But with a name like Good Luck, how could I pass up the challenge?

Good Luck Quilt Block

Good Luck is an easy block to draw.  Simply slice a square in half diagonally and then draw two horizontal lines up to the diagonal.

I always begin my quilt design by looking at the block set side by side in a straight set.

Good Luck Straight Set

I’m thinking that without borders, and made smaller, the above could have potential to be a cute modern baby quilt.

The next design shows alternate Good Luck blocks rotated.

Good Luck Straight Set

More rotation:

Good Luck Straight Set

What if I merged four Good Luck blocks into one block, placed these blocks side by side, and rotated the alternates?

I have a nice basket weave thing going on.

Good Luck Straight Set

It might be well worth it to explore the four-into-one block by rotating some of the parts.  I didn’t think of that until just now, so will have to save that idea to play with later.

What I did think to do was to add another color and play with value.  Two examples of that:

Good Luck Straight Set

Good Luck Straight Set

There is no difference in the layouts of the above two designs.  Color/value is doing all the work.

The next design is playing with scale.  No new blocks are added.

Good Luck Straight Set

I did alter the Good Luck block by drawing a half square triangle into two corners.  The pleasant result is the pinwheels you see in the next design.

Good Luck Straight Set

There’s room for lots more exploration.  Except for the last design shown, I used only the Good Luck quilt block.  What about experimenting with alternate blocks and sashing? 

Who knew that one could get so much design potential from such a simple little block?



Yoda Finish

It has been a very hot, dry and windy summer…ripe for wildfires…and indeed, we have them raging in my home state of Washington, as well as Oregon and California.  So when I am home from the day job, I am attempting to keep some green space around my home.

I have great water, but it comes from a gravity fed spring, so I am limited to how long, and how much, I can water the gardens at any one time.  I am losing the battle for the green space.  Fortunately, there are no wildfires close by. 

I am blessed.

We did get a brief respite from a cool down and storm.  Unfortunately, this storm was particularly vicious.  There are downed trees everywhere, and it left thousands of people without power, water, and, in many cases, without a place to live since the trees smashed their homes.  My father is one of those without power and water, but he is coping well.

Again, I am blessed.

What angers me is that these people who have lost so much because of natural disasters are now being preyed upon by looters.  I look forward to the Lord’s justice in dealing with these heartless and selfish crooks!

I bet you don’t remember this:

I made a stencil of words and painted it:

Seemed fitting for kittens:

Then the little project sat. 

And sat.

I have finally sandwiched it and finished it.

I was going to use free motion quilting and outline the kittens’ bodies…sort of a ghost effect.  Once I sandwiched it, and quilted it, however, I didn’t like it.

My next thought was to paint the bodies.  I should’ve stopped thinking and followed through on that idea.

Instead, I decided to thread paint the bodies.  Now I know about stabilizers (I’ve thread painted before), but this was already sandwiched and quilted.  And, yes, I know that I still could have used a water-soluble stabilizer.  If I had any.  I didn’t.  And if I wanted to wait to finish.  I didn’t.

Ha!  My little quilt (about 8″ x 11″) shrunk up like a roasted marshmallow!  I had to steam the snot out of it to get it to lie flat again!


I’m done.  Maybe a granddaughter will want this one.  Or I will be an anonymous giver to a quilting buddy.  Heh, heh!

On to the next UFO.

Magnolia Bud Quilt Block Part 2

I finally made the time to play with the Magnolia Bud quilt block on point. Truthfully, it was hard to get motivated because I wasn’t interested in this block. Turns out that I had fun with it. I may revisit it with some other blocks, such as a basket block, or two, sometime in the future.

Magnolia Bud Quilt Block

You can find examples of the Magnolia Bud block in a straight set by clicking here, or hover over the Quilt Blocks tab in the header and click on M – R.

Here is the Magnolia Bud set on point:

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

Sweet, but maybe too boring for some of us.

When the blocks are rotated, stars come out to play:

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

Add some color and play with value:

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

That may be a bit too flashy for some of us, but that’s okay.  We can keep playing anyway.

Let’s rotate some more:

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

Ummmm…not my thing, but maybe appealing for some of you.

What if we added four patches to the Magnolia Bud block?

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

I like the subtle background interest that created.  Do you?

How does it look if we add an accent color to the four patch?

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

Let’s simplify and see if we like that better:

Magnolia Bud On Point Set

I like it!

Maybe you won’t like your first try at quilt design.  Maybe you won’t like your second, or third either.  Maybe you’ll like the fourth try.  Don’t stop there; your fifth, or tenth, might be the best (or worst) yet.

Just have fun!  Don’t take it all too seriously.  Do this for you…not the Quilt Police!


Gooseberry Pie

I win!

I picked the gooseberries before the birds and the deer this year!


Since I don’t have quite enough for a pie, I’m adding last year’s blackberries to the gooseberries.

Gooseberries and Blackberries

Add some sugar and tapioca.

Gooseberry Pie

Rustic yummy sweetness!

Are you enjoying the fruits of summer? 

I hope so.

Sneak Peek 3


I hope 102 of these blocks play nice together.

Sneak Peek

I am sneaking in a bit of sewing time, but more than the sewing, I am enjoying having my family visit…love the laughter and all the Grandma hugs and kisses!

Whatever you do, make the time for family…they are so worth it!

Sneak Peek 2

Making progress on that new project:

Sneak Peek

I am going to have to take time out soon…looking forward to more hugs and kisses from visiting family.